• Suissex XL Magnum Spinnerbait
  • Suissex XL Magnum Spinnerbait
  • Suissex XL Magnum Spinnerbait
  • Suissex XL Magnum Spinnerbait
  • Suissex XL Magnum Spinnerbait
  • Suissex XL Magnum Spinnerbait
  • Suissex XL Magnum Spinnerbait

Suissex XL Magnum Spinnerbait

XL Magnum spinnerbait is dedicated to big specimens’ hunt in lakes or rivers. This artificial bait was thought to resist predators’ fast attacks like northern pike, bass or muskie, and mostly their sharp teeth. Its size was made to prospect large water bodies and to fish congested areas effectively, such as grass beds or underwater rocky cliffs. XL Magnum spinnerbait livens up remarkably through cast and retrieve and can adapt any retrieving speed. This lure performs very well all along the seasons, with a natural preference for fall, period during which big predators target big preys in anticipation of the winter.
The Suissex three-sided blade N°5 provides this spinnerbait a higher resistance in water compared to willow or Colorado blades, giving it an exceptional action at the drop. Its head’s shape simulates a pike’s head to emphasize natural mimicry and strengthen the cannibalization of big predators. For some difficult fishing areas, only the perfect imitation of a juvenile will dispel distrust of a very big pike. With a total weight of 2oz, this spinnerbait will be an exemplary game partner to trace predators in lakes’ deep shores. Wide choice of colors of XL Magnum spinnerbait proves to be very useful to adapt all types of biotopes, all colors of water, and most of all, mood of the fish.

Technical details of XL Magnum Spinnerbait

How does Suissex XL Magnum spinnerbaits behave in freshwater?

The keypoint of XL Magnum results from its ability to produce visual and sound effects thanks to great water displacement caused by the three-sided Suissex blade.
This blade spins like a turbine at top speed, creating unique vibrations and intense light flashes.

What are the recommended actions to use these spinnerbaits?

If you practice fishing into an environment where food competition is hard, do not hesitate to vary the retrieving speed of your spinnerbaits to tease the fish and trigger as many catches as possible. Thrills guaranteed with explosive predators attacks just under water.

Spinnerbait XL Magnum benefits from a wonderful “free falling” action at the drop thanks to its skirt and blades, capturing big predators’ interest.

Conception of the XL Magnum spinnerbait

Fishing big pikes involves a rigorous schedule of conditions to obtain spinnerbaits able to get the biggest predators to the landing net.

XL Magnum‘s frame is forged with a steel stem of 1,2mm and a looped clamping system for a higher resistance.
Fitted with a double preformed silicone skirt offering an extra volume, its visual impact is then emphasized and the hook is hidden from the predators’ sight.

Note that a Mustad trailer hook 91707 BN size 4/0 is provided to maximize the chances of catching big specimens of pike, bass or muskie.

Now it’s your turn to try!! Your trophy pike might be a few meters away from you, hidden in a grass bed or under a pile of dead branches!

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Suissex N°5 three-sided blade

Looped clamping system

Ultra-realistic head shape