• Suissex XL Bucktail Spinner
  • Suissex XL Bucktail Spinner
  • Suissex XL Bucktail Spinner
  • Suissex XL Bucktail Spinner
  • Suissex XL Bucktail Spinner
  • Suissex XL Bucktail Spinner
  • Suissex XL Bucktail Spinner
  • Suissex XL Bucktail Spinner
  • Suissex XL Bucktail Spinner
  • Suissex XL Bucktail Spinner

Suissex XL Bucktail Spinner

XL Bucktail spinner results from mixing ancestral Suissex know-how and new lures’ assembly technologies. This lure offers predators anglers the chance to catch the pike of a lifetime. XL Bucktail is an infallible spinner to look for predators like pike, perch, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, redeye bass or spotted bass in shallow areas. These lures are to be used in cast and retrieve and react immediately when you vary your retrieving speed, which will surely leave no predators hunting around the spot indifferent. A slower prospection with a sawtooth-like animation can also be an option to insist on a particular spot and trigger the strike of a wary pike.
Fitted with the new three-sided Suissex blade N°5, the XL Bucktail lure can produce lots of sparkles and reflections imitating a school of fry on the run. This pike special lure emits tremendous vibrations each time the blade spins and displaces a great volume of water, which ensures easy targeting for the predators. The unique axial weighting system with a conical shape helps the lure’s blade spin as soon as it enters water. The bucktail trailer hiding the Mustad treble hook (3551 NP-BN) brings a fabulous volume to the whole lure and will surely lead to attacks from gamefish. A wide variety of colors is available for these lures, which will help to adapt to any fishing environment such as lakes, ponds or rivers, and thus also adapt to the fish behavior according to the seasons.
  • Great river
  • Lake
  • River

Technical details of XL Bucktail lures

How does XL Bucktail spinners behave in freshwater?

The N°5 three-sided blade has a spinning angle of 25° around its axis.
It stands out with its three-sided blade allowing a very slow and attractive action offering more time to predators to target their prey.
Dressing the treble hook with a bucktail trailer reinforces the gliding and mesmerizing action of the spinner to mislead pike.

What visual signals does this artificial lure produce in water?

After a study performed by a fluid technology research institute, light signals provided by XL Bucktail fishing lures have been analyzed.
This research program took place in a running water channel with a flow velocity comparable to an angler’s retrieval speed during casting.
Deep light signals shown on the graph confirm that this lure provides bright visual sparkles with great amplitude.

Conception of our XL Bucktail spinners

Manufacturing process of these pike, and more widely predators’ lures, was established in line with recommendations and information collected from anglers.

XL Bucktail is a condensed reflection of Suissex know-how with its three-sided blade, its aerodynamic axial lead, its 1mm metal stem and its shiny bucktail trailer hiding a very sharp Mustad treble hook.

Keep in mind that big pikes attack their prey according to their own size to avoid wasting energy unnecessarily.
Using big lures as XL Bucktail will surely help you out to make great catches. Go ahead and add it to your tackle box!

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1.00 mm wireframe

Suissex N°5 three-sided blade

Mustad 35647 Black Nickel treble hook