• Suissex Target Blade II Spinnerbait
  • Suissex Target Blade II Spinnerbait
  • Suissex Target Blade II Spinnerbait
  • Suissex Target Blade II Spinnerbait
  • Suissex Target Blade II Spinnerbait
  • Suissex Target Blade II Spinnerbait
  • Suissex Target Blade II Spinnerbait

Suissex Target Blade II Spinnerbait

Already known worldwide for its Suissex spinners, Suissex Inc, determined to enlarge its range of products, is happy to introduce the spinnerbait Target Blade II. This atypical spinnerbait was designed to meet the demand of bass and other carnivores ’anglers searching for a versatile lure to effectively prospect grass beds, underwater trees or rocky plateaus. Its looped clamping system makes the assembly to your rig easier and increases the global strength of the spinnerbait during strong fights against big specimens of bass, pike or walleye. Fitted with a trailer hook to help you achieve as many catches as possible, the spinnerbait Target Blade II can be used during any season or water thanks to its wide range of colors.
Its steel frame has a very specific bend, which ensures a smooth passing through the obstacles and an ideal posture in water to provoke the hostility of black-bass, perch or pike. Three-sided and Suprem Colorado blades work in harmony in water as a Swiss watch movement. The smoothness of this artificial lure is formidable to trigger catches. Even in difficult fishing conditions, the bass can’t resist. Target Blade II spinnerbait floats wonderfully at the drop thanks to the posture of the blades in water, leaving no choice for the bass or walleye but to attack. The presence of a pin on the hook shank to maintain your trailer effectively will be a further advantage for the use of this artificial lure.

Technical details of the Target Blade II spinnerbait

How does Suissex Target Blade II spinnerbait behave in freshwater?

Main advantage of this spinnerbait compared to other spinnerbaits is its capacity to pass through all types of spots (under foliage, through grass beds or branches).
Spinnerbait’s hook is protected by its frame, so only predators’ jaws can press enough to flatten the metal frame and then bite the hook.

What are the recommended actions to use this artificial lure?

Target Blade II spinnerbait can be used for lure fishing from the shore, from a boat or with a float-tube.
Several actions are possible: a slow linear retrieval while varying speed with your reel, or a sawtooth-like animation to fit the shape of the river bottom and cover as much space as possible.

Conception of the Target Blade II spinnerbait

Target Blade II is made out of a fish-shaped jig head designed to reach casting records in any fishing conditions.

A 3D eye on its head enhances the realism of the lure to trick predators.

It is equipped with a preformed silicone skirt, which increases the bait’s volume and the visual impact in order to attract vigorous attacks from pike or bass.

Last but not least, the combination of its two blades: one Suprem Colorado blade and one First Born three-sided blade that will allow a very slow action in water for great catches.

Altogether, this spinnerbait combines all the essential elements to have a good time with our fish friends.

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