• Suissex First Born Tandem Spinner
  • Suissex First Born Tandem Spinner
  • Suissex First Born Tandem Spinner
  • Suissex First Born Tandem Spinner
  • Suissex First Born Tandem Spinner

Suissex First Born Tandem Spinner

Suissex First Born Tandem is the result of lure anglers’ desire to develop a spinner especially designed to track down big pikes. This tandem concentrates all the benefits of the legendary First Born Suissex lures, combined to the double three-sided blade system. Behind many record fish, Tandem lures are greatly appreciated for predators fishing in rivers, lakes and more particularly in shallow depth zones. Opt for a slow cast and retrieve animation, interrupted by light pulling movements to provoke the attacks of the most wary fish. Depending on the weather and fishing spots, you will have to adapt color and weight of your lures to reveal the perfect match.
The combination of a looped brass frame with 2 three-sided blades multiplies the spectacular visual signs of the spinner so that it can only be irresistible to the fish. This spinner, made for pike fishing, stands out with the specific position of its blades that evolve in parallel on the same spinning axis. The use of an interchangeable wire leader will be a major asset to quickly adjust the weight of the spinner and thus prospect all water layers. The choice of the weight of your wire leader will have an immediate impact on the action of the Suissex Tandem lures. You’ll preferably use a small weight for a “flying” action above grass beds and near the obstacles. Conversely, you should opt for a heavier weight to reach in-depth spots and find predators as pike, zander or perch.

Technical details of Tandem First Born fishing spinners

How does Tandem fishing spinner behave in freshwater?

The three-sided blades mounted on the Tandem have a spinning angle of 25°.
The Suissex blades awaken in perfect harmony as soon as they get into water and become a great attack point for predators.
This three-sided shape produces unique vibrations which will attract predators even on fishing areas where fishing pressure is high.

What visual signals does this artificial lure produce in water?

After a study performed by a fluid technology research institute, light signals provided by First Born fishing spinners have been analyzed.
This research program took place in a running water channel with a flow velocity comparable to a fisherman’s retrieval speed during casting.
Strong lights signals shown on the graph confirm that this inline spinner provides continuous visual sparkles with great amplitude.

Conception of our Tandem fishing spinners

Designed to meet the spinner fishing fans’ demand, the First Born Tandem spinner has already convinced a large number of fishermen due to its originality and atypical profile.
Its brass twisted stem is a technical achievement that is both strong and soft and that can resist easily to tough attacks from big pikes.
Not to mention the sharpness of the Mustad treble hook, dressed with a red wool pompom for an additional visual impact to make it a choice prey for the fiercest predators.
This double blade Tandem completes the Suissex spinners range and is a must-have in your tackle box to trick the biggest specimens.

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Double copper twisted stem

Suissex three-sided blade

Mustad 3551 Black Nickel treble hook