• Suissex Predators kit
  • Suissex Predators kit
  • Suissex Predators kit
  • Suissex Predators kit
  • Suissex Predators kit
  • Suissex Predators kit

Suissex Predators kit

Suissex Predators kit contains various fishing spinners’ models for artificial lure fishing in freshwater. This spinners’ assortment kit is perfect for anyone willing to discover lure fishing in a playful way. Spinner fishing is a quite simple technique that is also easy to learn. After only a few hours practicing, you will be able to lure your target fish. Suissex Predators kit gathers Suissex lures that have become musts in anglers’ tackle box since many years.
Despite years and constant innovations in recreational fishing, the fishing spinner was and will remain a sure bet, and most of the time the ultimate tool to avoid standing empty-handed. This five spinners’ selection kit brings together various sizes and types of blades to offer a great versatility during your fishing trip along rivers, lakes or ponds. Predators’ kits contain 4 Suprem spinners equipped with a Colorado (also called “French”) blade and an axial lead body. In addition to these lures, you can find one legendary First Born silver spinner with its three-sided blade and its interchangeable leader. You will rather use the spinners from this kit with a minus or a steel swivel and snap to avoid twisting the line while the lure is spinning in water.

Technical data of Predators’ spinners kit

How to choose my spinners’ color during fishing?

The wide range of colors in this lures’ kit will allow you to fish efficiently in any conditions: clear water, darker water, during clear or cloudy days.

It is up to you to adapt your lures for the better to weather conditions and the mood of your gamefish. You should choose light colors for clear waters, and flashy colors for darker or sediment loaded water.

What type of action is recommended for this fishing spinners ‘kit?

Animation of your fishing lure is the key point to get a reflex attack from a predator fish.

You should vary the retrieving speed of you lure according to your fishing spot so that you can explore the most favorable water layer for a pike or a bass to strike.

More generally, a cast and retrieve action will help your spinner generate vibrations and light flashes that will surely attract some predators.

Details about Suissex Predators’kits.

The use of high quality material for the wireframe, the blade, the lead body, the hook and all other components is a key to the robustness of the lures.

All fishing spinners from this kit are armed with a Mustad black nickel treble hook to ensure you fish catches every time.

If you need more details about First Born or Suprem fishing spinners, please refer to the product sheets available on this website.

This Suissex Predators’kit gathers four Suprem Suissex spinners N°4 colors gold, silver with red spots, fish skin and fire tiger, and a First Forn Suissex spinner color silver N°3.

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