• Ondulix wobbling spoon
  • Ondulix wobbling spoon
  • Ondulix wobbling spoon
  • Ondulix wobbling spoon
  • Ondulix wobbling spoon
  • Ondulix wobbling spoon
  • Ondulix wobbling spoon

Ondulix wobbling spoon

Suissex Ondulix fishing spoon, fresh out of our development department, is the very first wobbling spoon of the brand. More discreet and subtle than an inline spinner, it is no less amazing thanks to its light flashes and the realism of its action simulating a hurt bait fish at large. This wobbling spoon is surely a safe bet for anglers looking for a lure that makes a difference towards a sluggish fish or high fishing pressure. Ondulix spoon stands out for its simplicity and its sleek lines designed for long-distance casting and enabling to reach the fishing spot whatever the conditions. It is a reaction lure that can be used all along the fishing season, bearing in mind that evolving the fishing spoons’ size according to preys’ size will be a key to your success.
Gifted with a unique curve that has a lead role in the spoon’s hydrodynamics, Ondulix produces an erratic and voluptuous action. Various actions are available to catch the most suspicious gamefish. This wobbling spoon is made out of a zinc alloy 2mm thick and stamped in a mold with scale-like patterns that improves the natural relief of this fishing lure. This fishing spoon is armed with a Mustad Treble hook reference 35647 BN and comes in 4 sizes and 6 colors. This range of colors can adapt any predators anglers ‘needs: flashy colors for cloudy water, and natural colors that were produced thanks to a plating bath for a perfect look.

Technical details of Ondulix fishing spoons

How does Ondulix spoon behave in fresh water?

These fishing spoons have proven their worth on a large number of predators and salmonids as trout, northern pike, perch or Atlantic salmon.

Greatly appreciated by lure anglers in river, in current zones where predators like pike or walleye often hide waiting for a prey to attack.

This artificial lure will help you cover a wide range of fishing spots.

What are the recommended animations for this fishing spoon?

The action of a wobbling spoon depends on the retrieving speed and the action chosen by the angler.

Rather choose a quick linear retrieval to create a lively action while prospecting plateaus or shallow rivers.

Dare a sawtooth-like animation interrupted with long pauses so that the spoon flutters like a leaf at the drop.

This action will enhance the realism of a natural prey and will boost your chances of strike from fish standing in pools or current areas.

Conception of Ondulix fishing spoon

Ondulix fishing spoon offers a wide range of colors thanks to the combination of one plated side with the other painted side.

It is also fitted with an ultra-realistic 3D eye on the front of the spoon to imitate the prey’s head.

Its long S-shaped design with a slight flat part gives it a unique action.

Ondulix fishing spoon’s vibrations are very subtle compared to the action inline spinners can produce: again, a must-have fishing lure every angler should own in his tackle box.

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Ultra-realistic 3D eye

Zinc alloy (2mm)

Mustad 35647 Black Nickel treble hook