• Suissex First Born Spinner
  • Suissex First Born Spinner
  • Suissex First Born Spinner
  • Suissex First Born Spinner
  • Suissex First Born Spinner
  • Suissex First Born Spinner
  • Suissex First Born Spinner
  • Suissex First Born Spinner
  • Suissex First Born Spinner

Suissex First Born Spinner

Suissex First Born spinner has been one of the key fishing lures for pike since the 40’s and has proven to be ideal for catching any carnivorous freshwater fish such as trout, perch, walleye or bass. True living legend, this inline spinner has helped hundreds of thousands anglers to catch a trophy pike once in their lifetime, and it’s one of the classics of lures in French and European anglers’ tackle box. Genuine Suissex blade with its unique three-sided blade, combined to a rigid wire leader on the top, gives it a “butterfly” effect as soon as the lure gets into water. For maximum chances of catching a big bass, walleye or northern pike, angler should adapt the color of the lure’s blade according to the weather and fishing grounds to provoke aggressiveness of the pike and other carnivores.
The combination of the lead wire leader and three-sided blade gives these lures incredible visual effects and an outstanding action at the drop. First Born is a “Predators Special” lure and is amazing for very slow cast and retrieve animations, whatever the natural areas you meet on the waterside, this lure will be your best ally. Fitted with a wide variety of colors especially designed to attract big specimen, this fishing lure will increase the predatory instinct of carnivorous as pike, black-bass (smallmouth or largemouth), zander or perch. First Born Suissex lures are fitted with a Mustad treble hook (3551 NP-BN) covered with a red wool pompom that will provoke the most violent attacks from predators and will ensure many catches. First Born spinners are widely recognized as a bestseller hard bait for predators’ fishing in lakes or rivers.

Technical details about First Born spinner

How does First Born lures behave in freshwater?

The three-sided blade has a spinning angle around 25°.

This lure has a great posture in water thanks to the three sides of its blade, formulated to prospect fishing spots very slowly and thus stimulate sluggish fish hostility.

We recommend a slow retrieval of the First Born spinner to generate an attractive action and increase your chances of catch.

What visual signals does this lure produce in water?

After a study performed by a fluid technology research institute, light signals provided by First Born spinners have been analyzed.

This research program took place in a running water channel with a flow velocity comparable to a fisherman’s retrieval speed during casting.

Evenly lights signals shown on the graph confirm that lure provides intense visual sparkles with great amplitude.

Conception of our First Born fishing lures

First brick in the Suissex building, First Born spinner (more commonly known as “Suissex Pike”) is the flagship of the Suissex brand.

More specifically, this lure is based on a brass twisted stem, doubled to resist the fiercest predators’ attacks.

The interchangeable leader is a very easy and fast way to change the lure’s weight and prospect all water layers.

Dressing the strong Mustad treble hook with a red wool pompom adds an extra visual effect to turn it into an irresistible prey for pikes.

Now go ahead, grab your tackle box and try it!

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Copper framework

Three-sided Suissex blade

Mustad treble hook 3551 Black Nickel