The spinnerbait: a multi-purpose lure to fish congested areas

Developed to pass through branches, water lilies or grass beds, spinnerbait will succeed in any area to catch smallmouth or largemouth bass, and even muskie or walleye.

A fish-shaped jig head, a steel wireframe, a silicone preformed skirt and Suissex blades constitute our spinnerbaits. A looped clamping system offers an optimal resistance and a smooth passing through obstacles.

Our spinnerbaits are provided with a Mustad trailer hook (91707 BN N°4/0) to avoid unhooking and get as many bites as possible.

In short, they will be weapons of choice to prospect areas from the shore, in a boat or even in float tube.

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Designing metal lures for big specimens’ fishing

Developing a lure is a long and meticulous job. Our research and development team makes it a point to use the most updated material and equipment to supply high quality products that can resist razor-teethed predators.

Once the computer aided design is over, we start the production of prototypes that will be the starting points for long test phases. Our pro-staff of anglers is then sought to ensure compliance with specifications, animation of the lure, strength and resistance, and most of all, effectiveness in water facing the target fish. If all criteria were met, the production can then begin.

Our pro-staff informs the R & D Department regularly about various information they gathered on the waterside along the season. In this way, Suissex can keep pace with biotopes, fish behavior and anglers requests’ evolutions.

Suissex commits to ensure the most lifelike products

While developing products, Suissex always strives to create lures with the most natural shapes and colors so that fish can be tricked from the first second.

Fitted with a fish-shaped head and a 3D eye, Suissex spinnerbaits in action will create illusion and big predators will have no choice but to follow their cannibal instinct and to attack.

Suissex also offers another very lifelike range, the « Micro » range, which couples Suprem blade, spinning the moment it gets into water, to a nice metallic minnow.

Both Suprem Micro Minnow spinners and Micro Spinnerbaits will produce wonderful visual effects simulating breeding fish schools at large that trouts or other salmonids cannot resist.

5 colors are available to fish according to your needs.

Traditionally limited to gold or silver colors, Suissex often releases some new natural colors in its classical ranges. You can learn more in the product sheets.

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