Suissex Inc is honored to receive your catch picture made with Suissex spinners or spinnerbaits. We will only publish photos that respond to the company’s ethic and that represent Suissex brand’s values. Once your photo has been approved by our team, you will receive an email confirming its publication and the shipment of your Suissex goodie.

You will find here below some guidelines to help you comply with all the publication’s conditions and be sure your picture can be published:

  1. Fill in all the required fields
  2. Only pictures showing catches made with Suissex products will be shared on this gallery
  3. Please picture only live fish, making sure to respect the common rules of fish handling
  4. Make sure that the fish, the angler and the background are in focus
  5. Try to be original and catch the angler’s emotion on your picture
  6. File must be in JPG format
  7. Picture quality must be high enough to publish it