Discovering Suissex spinners

Suissex helps you out during your fishing trips thanks to a wide and versatile range of spinners dedicated to predators and salmonids fishing.

Various blades’ shapes are available: Colorado, willow leaf or three-sided according to the models, the aim is always to adapt to the fishing spot and ensure the catch.

Fishing spinner is a metallic lure designed to target active fish running away from their predator conegeners, or looking for prey.

Casting a spinner is a good and fast way to measure the mood and activity of fish in the area. Strong vibrations will surely trigger aggressive attacks from big game fish near you.

Discovering suissex spinners

Suissex Fishing Gear Catalog

suissex first born spinner

Focus : Suissex First Born spinner

How do you change the Suissex leader on the First Born spinner?

Made from a strong and flexible stainless steel stem and a fish-shaped jighead decorated with a red 3D eye, Suissex leader will be a great tool to adapt the weight of your spinner to your fishing environments and goals of the day.

A simple press on the loop at the tip of the head will allow you to take off the lead and replace it with another weight. Suissex offers a variety of weights to meet all your needs: 1/9 – 1/7 – 1/5 – 2/7 – 1/3 oz. A trusted accessory that will turn your spinner into an essential lure, bringing the wariest fish to lower their guard.

Suissex expands its range with a swimbait

Designed to fish predators like northern pike, muskie, walleye, crappie or bass, the Suissex Shad Spin Blade has a sleak design and is fitted with an inner lead weighing system, and a legendary First Born three-sided blade at the back.

Combination of its aerodynamic shape and its flying effect at the drop will help you cast very long distances in any fishing conditions.

A wide range of colors is available to act according to the target fish behavior.

How to fish with the Suissex Shad Spin blade?

According to your fishing spot, Shad Spin Blade can behave in various ways.

First recommended action is a saw-tooth like animation: you should control the bait at the drop to sense potential bites. At the bottom of water, a wide pull will help the blade start spinning. Repeating this gesture will enable you to prospect grass or rocky areas.

Second possible action is a linear and very slow retrieve. This will help exploring shallow waters and lead to great attacks from under surface predators.

shad spin blade