Travel around the world with Suissex accessories

Suissex offers a range of accessories that will surely satisfy anglers all around the world.

Street-fishing enthusiasts, shore-trout anglers or traditional fishermen, everyone can find something to make fishing as easy and convenient as possible.

Discovering suissex spinners

Suissex Fishing Gear Catalog

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Optimize your fishing time thanks to an efficient storage of your lures

Primary objective of this accessories’ range is of course to save fishermen time and effort.

Time is precious while you’re fishing, so why waste it seeking untidy or tangled lures?

To avoid this, we offer accessories meant to help you organize your lures as well as possible (spinners, spinnerbaits, hard lures…).

Gain in speed and efficiency, increase your fishing time, your number of casts and of course, your chances of bite.

Fishing bags and accessories designed for Suissex spinners

Very ancient and still very popular, spinner fishing has lived for many decades without losing its original charm and success worldwide.

As a fishing spinners’ specialist, Suissex naturally decided to develop accessories dedicated to spinner fishing, but adaptable to other types of techniques too.

Originally offering cloth bags, a traditional storage item, or small lure boxes, Suissex range was able to expand to move with the times and satisfy all anglers’ generations, on all territories.

Young anglers adapt their fishing gear to their 2.0 fishing style: street fishing, shore fishing or boat fishing, our range of storage accessories can satisfy them fully.

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