Opening of Suissex-Inc website

Welcome to the brand new Suissex wesbite, entirely dedicated to the world of fishing and its ecosystem.

Suissex is a French lures’fishing brand settled since 1945, well-known for the quality of its manufacture and its fishing performances.

Our aim was to make this wesbite as user-friendly as possible and easy to use so that anybody, at any age, can discover or rediscover our fishing lures meant predators and salmonids fishing.

Opening of Suissex-Inc website

Suissex Website

This website is here to help you discover the Suissex world and its products.

For each range, you will be able to identify the fish you can target with it, the types of water most adapted to it, and of course, all sizes and colors available.

Knowing your target is always an advantage, so we also composed a complete fish encyclopedia to help you know more about the fish you can meet during your fishing trips.

With all information, you’ll then be able to choose the perfect Suissex lure for you.

Suissex history

Suissex is a proud brand with a long history and a French know-how that grows ups year buy year with new models and colors that enrich our legendary models such as First Born spinner or Shad Spin Blade swimbait.

Opening of Suissex-Inc website


Our biggest concern is to connect with anglers using our products, that is why we have chosen to create a webpage dedicated to picture sharing: you can share your catches with us, and in return, we will send you a Suissex goodie to thank you.

Please also feel free to join us on social networks and follow Suissex adventure !

Suissex's news

The American Dream

The American Dream

Years have passed and Suissex has won and kept the heart of French and worlwide anglers thanks to efficient and longlasting products. Strenghtened by its experience and passion, Suissex has decided to...