The American Dream

The American Dream

Years have passed and Suissex has won and kept the heart of French and worlwide anglers thanks to efficient and longlasting products. Strenghtened by its experience and passion, Suissex has decided to...

Opening of Suissex-Inc website

Opening of Suissex-Inc website

Welcome to the brand new Suissex wesbite, entirely dedicated to the world of fishing and its ecosystem. Suissex is a French lures’fishing brand settled since 1945, well-known for the quality of its...


Our values & goals

Suissex is much more than just a name; above all it is the story of Maurice Eisenbach, inventor and avid angler.

Suissex spinner embodies the French know-how, and most of all, it is the fishing spinner that revolutionized the lure fishing industry in the early 1940’s.

A long lasting adventure passed from generation to generation, with regular interaction between fishermen and designers to create spinners that will thrill the fishing lovers.

Suissex brand is and will stay focused on the desire to develop new products to lead anglers to great emotions and unforgettable memories.

A tight team is working to always be attentive and ready to listen to anglers, focusing on customer satisfaction.

This is how we keep alive the myth of Suissex and prolong the work of Maurice EISENBACH.


Suissex develops new products with support from a fluid technology research institute

Concerned about meeting requirements from anglers using fishing spinners in various environments, Suissex is working closely with a metrology platform in charge of reproducing natural currents to analyse spinners’ behavior in water.

Scientists have made some researches about minimum & maximum swimming speed of spinners, spinning angles of the blades to the axis and light signals provided by the blade while spinning in water.

Process of spinners analysis in running water channel simulating rivers, lakes or ponds currents

This study has been performed on the 3 blades shapes available in the Suissex spinners.

This research program was meant to put forward the light signals created by each of these spinners thanks to graphics you can find in every product sheet.

Second part of this study could help us know which fishing environments is the most suitable for our spinners, so that they can be as effective as possible following the spinning angle of their blade in water currents.

Data recording process was carried out in a running water channel with a flow velocity comparable to a fisherman’s retrieval speed during casting.