Manufacture of Suissex spinner

1930-The legend of Suissex creator

Native to Eastern Europe, Maurice EISENBACH was a passionate angler in search of an innovative product for predators fishing. Back then, fishing was a way for him to provide food needs. Northern pike was found abundantly in streams, rivers, ponds and Franche-Comté lakes (eastern French region near Switzerland border). The first artificial lures were appearing in some local fishing shops.

1943-1944-The birth of a fishing spinner

As en experienced fisherman, Maurice EISENBACH had a great knowledge about predators’ behavior. The thing is that fishing lures at this time were not adapted to help Maurice fish successfully in the water environments he usually prospected. Seeing is growing need, Maurice began 2 years of reflection and studies to create a versatile metallic spinner that can adapt any fishing spots. With a view to achieving the best compromise between balance and hydrodynamics, Maurice has conducted many test phases before reaching his ultimate goal.

1945-From prototypes to the first Suissex spinners production

Maurice EISENBACH’s idea was to conceive an inline spinner on a looped axis, and enabling to choose the weight of the spinner thanks to an interchangeable lead. The key point Maurice spent many time on was the blade’s movements and action in water. His goal was to obtain a unique, slow, versatile and attractive action so that northern pikes can have time to target the lure before attacking. The technical prowess of the spinner came from the now famous singular blade, larger than a willow, with three sides, featured with 8 red and black lines. To increase performances of the spinner and ensure maximum catches, Maurice added a red wool pompom to hide the treble hook and emphasize the “bloody” effect of the spinner.

The choice of the name Suissex

During World War II, Maurice EISENBACH had some trouble being supplied in raw materials on the French territory. Switzerland was the only country that could provide him the needed products to produce his spinner. To thank his Swiss friends and partners, Maurice decided to call his first spinner the “Suissex Veronix”.

Machine in Suissex's manufacture
Suissex in Versailles, France

1946-Production launch of Suissex spinners in Versailles

For logistic and supply reasons, Maurice EISENBACH had to leave his Jura region and went to the capital of France to look for the success he was expecting with his revolutionary spinner. Many years have passed and Suissex Veronix spinner and its creator‘s reputation grew. Who thought he could meet the crazy challenge of producing a unique and revolutionary spinner for predators’ fishing from his small workshop close to the Chateau de Versailles.

1970- Maurice EISENBACH’s retirement

After decades, Maurice’s physical health no longer allowed him to produce spinners, so he decided the time had come to move on and sell his business. Mr and Mrs FLORENT succeeded Maurice with the same enthusiasm and passion he had always demonstrated.

The history of Suissex - Fishing spinner since 1945

Boxes of Suissex fishing lures

2002-Sale of the company to the CHAMPALOU family

After nearly 30 years of operation, Mr and Mrs FLORENT’s turn came to sell their business and enjoy a happy retirement. The new owners were happy to add a legendary brand from recreational fishing to their fishing tackle catalogue. Indeed, Didier CHAMPALOU, already well-established on the French fishing tackle market with Autain Pêche, is no stranger to the industry. Wishing to keep Suissex fishermen image and reputation going, Mister CHAMPALOU designed, produced and marketed new Suissex spinners meeting the expectations of today’s anglers.

2016-Creation of a subsidiary company in the USA

Hoping to build wide awareness of Suissex brand and spinners, Suissex Inc. was created on September 29th 2016 to launch the exportation of Suissex goods on the other side of the Atlantic.

Suissex's news

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