Discover Suissex history

Enter the Suissex legend and discover the secrets of its inventor, Maurice EISENBACH, who one day had the idea to create a brand new and revolutionary fishing spinner.

Follow the development pathway, from the first idea of the spinner, through the first prototypes creation, ending with the birth of the famous three-sided blade.

Understand Suissex name’s origin and learn that Suissex production began near the most beautiful French castle.

Unveil the mystery of the famous fishing spinner dedicated to black bass, muskie, walleye, northern pike or trout.

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About suissex fishing spinners

Always be one step ahead of the fish

Suissex is based on the legacy left by Maurice EISENBACH and more precisely on the famous three-sided blade, known and recognized by anglers for decades.

Nowadays, a manufacturer has the duty to keep a constant lookout so that products can be adapted following evolution of the fish and the environments they live in.

A team consisting of fishermen, technicians and Suissex executive committee meets regularly to brainstorm about new projects.

These new developments are always with the aim to help fishermen lure the predators and salmonids in areas with high fishing pressure, and most of all, catch more fish.

Suissex know-how

Suissex is much more than a simple fishing spinner, it is above all a whole universe created by a fisherman for fishermen.

For more than 15 years, the Champalou family has been involved in the continuation of Maurice EISENBACH’s work, always broadening the range with new fishing spinners.

The final purpose is to obtain a complete and versatile range of spinners to give anglers the opportunity to catch any type of fish around the world.

One of the company’s major values is that every angler must be able to find a Suissex spinner that suits him best to spend unique fishing moments.

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